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    3D Microblading (Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows); PhiRemoval (Permanent Makeup Removal)

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    Strokes of beauty by tia – Microblading services

    I specialize in microblading services, a form of semi-permanent cosmetics. I believe in creating gorgeous lifelike eyebrows that enhances your natural beauty. Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment into the skin to mimic the realistic look of eyebrow hairs. This could minimize or completely alleviate your daily routine of filling in your brows, saving precious time. I am a licensed registered nurse and a certified microblading specialist who is also trained in non-laser permanent makeup removal. Insured and licensed by the State of Texas to perform the services offered. I have worked in surgery for over 14 years with a plastic surgery background of 7 years. I am is extremely passionate about your safety and providing the absolute best service for my clients. I am honored to be your Artist, and will utilize my skill and expertise to dramatically improve to your brows A DREAM, TURNED INTO A PASSION, IS NOW A REALITY